Post-Op Pain & Weakness

Physical therapists are trained to help patients of all ages regain their strength and mobility after an injury or surgery. PTs guide patients through specific exercises customized to assist in their healing and perform manual techniques as needed to reduce discomfort or improve mobility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Physical therapy is a vital part of post-op wellness.  It helps reduce pain, improve mobility, and increase strength.  PT is also helpful in providing both pre-op and post-op education needed to help patients adapt to their surroundings or resume their normal activities of daily living.

Your PT will design a custom plan based on your current pain and functional limitations as well as your post-op restrictions set by your surgeon.  There will be open communication between your surgeon and your physical therapist.

Yes!  Because the NEUBIE can help with nervous system recovery, mobility, pain reduction, and strengthening it can be very beneficial after surgery.  Your PT is trained on how to vary the intensity and/or frequency on the device as well as the specific treatment protocol used with the device based on your current level of function or discomfort.  Initial NEUBIE treatments after surgery can be very gentle.

We Can Help You

Our practitioner takes a patient-centered approach, taking the time to talk to our patients about their condition, explain all the treatment options, and collaborate with them to develop a plan of care that works best. Our goal is to help patients get back to living.

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