If you’re experiencing headaches, it might be a result of….

…tension or decreased mobility in your neck.  This can be caused by previous injury to your neck or shoulder resulting in an underlying weakness or joint restriction that leads to compensation or over-utilization of the muscles in the neck.  Discomfort in these areas also often lead to difficulty getting comfortable to sleep at night resulting in restlessness and fatigue thereby increasing the headache even more.  Physical therapy can help alleviate this tension through joint mobilization, soft tissue mobilization, dry needling, and neuromuscular reeducation.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Restorative PT & Core Wellness Can Help You

Whether you are suffering from chronic headaches, neck spasms, post-operation pain, pelvic and post-partum health, Tiffany Hamilton, MSPT has experience in different areas in PT such as neuro-rehab, vestibular rehab, manual therapy, pelvic health, outpatient orthopedics and is here to help patients one on one in a private office.