Neufit designed a machine called the N.E.U.B.I.E. (Neuro-Bio-Electric Stimulator), which is an electrical stimulation device used to help improve fitness performance, speed recovery, & improve mobility.  The NEUBIE differs from traditional e-stim in that it uses direct current rather than alternating current thereby reducing harmful co-contractions when used at high intensities and working with our natural nervous system more effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anytime we diagnose a treatment for improving muscle flexibility, increasing muscle mass, reducing chronic pain and infammation.

Everything related to health, core wellness, recovery, and performance is related to the nervous system. Knowing how to identify underlying issues in the nervous system helps us know the issues that may be causing pain or delay in recovery.

NEUBIE retrains the neurological patterns that are prohibiting your flexibility, range of motion, and capacity for living pain free.

We Can Help You

If your nervous system is stressed, it can impede your healing process and reduce your tolerance to, as well as reduce your success with physical therapy.  The NEUBIE allows us to take a nervous system approach to your therapy in order to help you regain function more effectively and more comfortably.

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